Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has evolved over the period, which basically extends the responsibility of a manufacturer of electrical/ electronic goods from manufacturing & servicing to all the way to the recycling of their products after their effective end of life. Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) stands for the Manufacturer’s own efforts to comply with the requirements while Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) is coined for the joint effort by a set of manufacturers.

Categories :

Servers: Storage/ Application/ Switching
Personal Computers: All-in-one/ Desktop
Mobile Computing: Laptop/ Notebook/ Notepad
Printers: Inkjet/ Laser Printers/ Multi-Function-Printers (MFP)
Copiers: Photocopier/ MFPs
Fascimlies: Fascimiles/ MFP with Fax
Telephones: Landline Telephones/ Cordless Telephones
Cellular Telephones: Feature Phones/ Smart Phones/ Tabs
Televisions: CRT Televisions/ LCD TVs/ LED TVs
Refrigerators: Single door/ Double Door/ freezers
Washing Machines: Top loading/ Front Loading/ Semi or Fully automated
Air-Conditioners: Window/ Split Acs
Problems or Opportunities

The rapid advancement in technology, changes in media applications, product’s planned obsolescence, increased “market penetration” and “replacement market” in many countries etc had resulted in fast growing surplus of WEEE generation.

WEEE is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing waste streams with a complex mixture of hazardous, non-hazardous and very valuable recyclable materials. In many countries, these valuable recyclable materials which could be extracted from WEEE have been instrumental in their economic growth and are solutions to the resource scarcity problems. This had resulted in the increase of transboundary movement of WEEE globally.

However, WEEE requires specialized segregation, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal or “appropriate infrastructure” given their complex material composites. Hence, significant focus must be given towards “Environmentally Sound Management (ESM)” of WEEE towards protecting our environment, safeguarding human health and ensuring resource recovery efficiency.

PRO For WEEE Management

Subsequent to the various amendments to the e-Waste Management Rules in India, broad range of actors have come together to implement policy processes, find appropriate solutions and practical initiatives etc., to effectively manage the WEEE problems and leverage on the associated opportunities.

Global initiatives to “Go Green” are continuously evolving with “Extended Producer Responsibility” and “Product Take-Back”, “Producer Responsibility Organization”, “Individual Producer Responsibility” are all forming the basis in India as institutional frameworks. TES-AMM offers range of services in these lines depending on the need of the Producer Organizations apart from it’s recycling technology as the key to develop best practices.

TES-AMM has proven track record in providing the different service roles under the E-Waste Management Rules. EPR/ PRO/ IPR is a specialized service pioneered by TES-AMM for more than half-a-decade now covering the Awareness Campaigns, Working with Industrial Bodies, Government Agencies for the effective collection of the e-Waste that was otherwise not feasible. Literally, TES-AMM has evolved as a ‘Samrat-PRO’ (PRO of PROs).

Directives or Regulations and Initiatives

TES-AMM provides service which caters to B2C (End-consumers) as well as C2B (from End-Consumers) in form of take back scheme or program, Recycling Event drive such as e-CAP, Earth Hour (60 Minutes), Green Day, Green Week, Saving Gaia, and many more. These are targeted at collecting and recycling IT and electronics from end-consumers who live in a gadget-driven world.
TES-AMM has been involved and will continue to involve ourselves in this service through program management and recycling facilitator of E-Waste Management/ WEEE Directive in each territory:

PRO, One-stop-shop:

TES-AMM serves more than just a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) to the Producers who are in need to Campaign, Collect & Recycle them as one-stop-shop-solution and help the Producers to save the precious management bandwidth while achieving their E-Waste Targets amidst the complexity of the E-Waste Management in India.

TES-AMM as such, has pioneered the EPR mechanisms in India over the 6+ years in exploring & effectively collecting the e-Waste, literally from unseen pockets of the community.
TES-AMM effectively provides various campaigns in Schools, Academic Institutes, Commercial Complexes, Road shows, Industrial Bodies, Waste Management Forums, players of informal sectors, etc.

The mechanism includes advertisements in various forms, videos, talks, presentations, education materials, banners, posters, lectures & various highly interactive sessions along with similar minded individuals/ organizations.

Recycling the E-waste under the toughest industrial norms, is the order of the day at TES-AMM and therefore Responsible Recycling of the collected e-Waste goes without saying.

IPR, Tailor-made-fit:

Some Producers have their own well-set-in mechanisms for managing the campaigns & advertisements required for their EPR obligations. For those specific Producers, TES-AMM offers Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) Services, as a tailor-made-solution – to be part of their EPR.

Producer can engage TES-AMM to recycle their own E-Waste that is routinely generated and also avail the IPR services of TES-AMM. TES-AMM, as an IPR partner undertakes to collect E-Waste from various sources including informal recyclers, aggregators, traders, bulk consumers, government organizations, etc. across India.

TES-AMM has proven track record of IPR over the years and has never let down their Partners in satisfying their EPR obligations. Whether this is with respect to their collection, documentations, audits, reports or the ever changing compliance requirements.

EPR, Evolving along:

TES-AMM has been a proud contributor through various forums (both formal and informal) during the various stages of the evolution of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in India in the past decade. TES-AMM had brought rich experiences from different countries and also pioneered specific solutions for India in the complex e-Waste management.

Last Mile is the most challenging the E-Waste management i.e., collection from the retail consumers from their home. TES-AMM has pioneered the mechanism on

  • How to bring up the awareness?
  • How to collect from the last mile (C2B)?
  • How to effectively bypass the value–eroding informal processing?

This was achieved over half-a-decade and the model stands as a tall example that many PROs today follow. TES-AMM too provide the same model as well as the continued improvements through innovations in complying with the EPR.

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