TES-AMM provides solutions that connect seamlessly with our clients’ manufacturing processes. Our clients range from electronic brand owners, manufacturers, OEMs, CEMs, design vendors, testing vendors, repair & servicing companies, logistic providers, re-marketers, in short any producers who have electronics to scrap (remove from its use). TES-AMM salvages and recycles the electronics. We will properly recycle with the least amount of pollution, therefore assuming the responsibility of the electronic brand owners, our clients, to handle the electronic scraps with proper processing (recycling) in an environmentally-considerate manner.

Hence we provide Extended Producer Liability Management Solutions (EPLMS); a remarkably TES-AMM service for our clients in managing their extended producer liability and take back responsibilities for their electrical & electronic products, and uniquely showcase how we operate & do our business.

Our EPLMS approach comprehensively addresses reverse logistics, regulatory requirement, technical solutions in our processes delivered with best of breed professionalism adapted to our clients’ needs.

TES-AMM provides the optimal reverse logistics solution that is legally compliant, environmentally responsible and economically feasible. With EPLMS, TES-AMM ships materials from client’s location to one of our world-wide processing centres. Our procedures comply with international and local regulations, including the requirement of a Hazardous Waste license for transportation. With an export license issued by the authority of the exporting country and a matching import license for the country of destination, TES-AMM ensures that your electronics will be delivered in a legally compliant manner that meets best practices established internationally. These licenses are strictly controlled. They also define the types of waste that can be shipped and their approved quantities.

TES-AMM’s Global processing centres manage local client interface, collection of materials, segregation of materials into various product category (Waste Assets), and sometimes disassembly into appropriate Waste Streams or components to prepare them for further downstream processing.

TES-AMM employs a carefully thought-out process that maximizes the recovery yield for our materials. Our pre-processing activities whilst necessitating manual resources, allows for non-destructive recovery of raw materials. Plastic & housings are first dismantled from box-built items so as to achieve the highest recovery possible with the least amount of chemical and downstream pollution management. Low value segregated waste streams such as paper, wood, plastics, ferrous metals and hazardous components are recycled locally. Precious metal bearing Waste Streams already pre-processed from TES-AMM centres are densely consolidated for shipment to one of our central refinery operations. This results in lower operating costs and minimizes our overall carbon footprint.

TES-AMM Suites Of In-House Downstream Recycling

Plastic Recycling

TES-AMM has fabricated our very own plastic line equipment, similar to our EPC line. We can recycle Waste Stream; plastic into pellets use as secondary resins by plastic manufactures to make plastic products such as park benches, and even AC/DC adaptors; back as an electronic part for use with IT equipment parts.

EPC or SER Recycling

Epoxy Plastic Compound (EPC) or Spent Epoxy Resin Recycling

As part of our research and development activity, TES-AMM has developed a commercial application for spent epoxy, which is typically generated through the manufacturing processes of the semiconductor industry. Our innovative process allows us to use epoxy as a constituent in the production of shipping pallets, negating the need for landfill.

Precious Metal Recovery :

TES-AMM’s core activity is in the recovery of precious metal from end of life, surplus and obsolete electronics. Our low emission, hydrometallurgical (chemical) process contrasts greatly from the method of incineration, which is taken by traditional smelters. We make sure we take care of our environment when we recycle, and our processes are equipped with the appropriate pollution control equipment system.

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling

TES-AMM, in partnership with Recupyl S.A, operates Asia region’s only Li-on battery recycling plant. Through this plant in Singapore, we are striving to process more than just e-waste. Our specialized mechanical – hydrometallurgical process allows for higher recovery and is environmentally superior and safer to pyrolysis (heat) or cryogenic (freezing) methods.

Pollution Control Equipment System

TES-AMM possesses relevant know how in controlling pollution in e-waste processing. Part of the service we provide is the safe and efficient capture of harmful solid, liquid and gas emissions through sophisticated 3 stage scrubbers, waste water treatment system and bag filters.

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