Corporate Social Responsbility

TES-AMM, a public entities within the society recognizes that its business have direct and indirect impact on the communities in which we operate. Demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of the communities is one of the core philosophies of TES-AMM.

In addition to offering excellent services worldwide, we have strived to ensure full compliance, protect the global environment, and provide humanitarian support around the world following disasters. We believe in being good corporate citizens and taking responsibility for the impact we make on the communities where we operate.

Through a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort in the global as well as local communities by effectively leveraging the company’s advanced technological strengths, global business deployment, and diverse, specialized human resources, TES-AMM remain committed to its community outreach programs and continuously reducing its impact on the environment. Having operations in many countries has given us the opportunity to experience their social development first-hand.

With the goal of fostering positive relationships within the communities, TES-AMM engages in a myriad of activities to address appropriately the global and local needs and encourages employees to play an active role in their communities, so as to be a corporation worthy of admiration and respect worldwide as a truly excellent global company.

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