We are a global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Asset Disposal and Deployment service provider, supporting our clients in every phase of their equipment’s life cycle. TES-AMM provides a number of bespoke solutions for the other recycling spectrum on end-of-life equipment; Asset Disposal which is in line with the recycling adage of reduce, reuse, recycle, and is performed with the total approval and support of our clients. We will firstly reuse the equipment, and then channel to recycling when the equipment failed TES-AMM’s Asset Disposal standards. Our capabilities in this Asset Disposal servicing area extend beyond traditional recycling to encompass testing, cleaning, data wiping of IT equipment to United States Department of Defence standards.

ICT Equipment (Asset) Buy-back

TES-AMM buys your

• used Information Technology (IT) equipment (computers, notebooks, printers and components).ICT

• used network equipment (servers, routers and switches directly from manufacturers, re-sellers, leasing-arm company, etc ).

• end-of-life, surplus and overstock equipment, spare parts and components.

Collection and Decommissioning Service

With our current clients’ portfolio, and assets located in over 20 countries worldwide, we can move huge volumes at commendable speed.

TES-AMM has extensive experience in data-center decommissioning and equipment disposal. We provide on-site data sanitization, equipment shutdown, removal and packaging, and rack dismantling and de-cabling.

Asset Validation and Reporting

We provide detailed documentation for our clients’ equipment. Each unit or asset is listed individually in our testing report and their performance data, components and accessories captured. After the documentation process, we submit each unit to extensive functional test. All hardware may be disassembled into different quality classes and defective components repaired or replaced.

Thousands of products have been sold and exported by our company so far. We offer a huge assortment and a continuous supply of products and components at high quality and competitive prices.

Secure Data Erasure and/or Destruction

TES-AMM is mindful of sensitivities with intellectual property and data used in IT equipment. We tailor mechanical and automated destruction solutions of hard disk drives (HDD), which give client confidence and economy whilst maximising the recovery of base materials contained in the assets.

We can offer any erasure solutions that our clients are comfortable with, both on-site and off-site. We also provide degaussing on top of physical destruction of HDD to ensure complete security of client’s proprietary information.

At the end of the project, we will provide certificates containing serial numbers of both the hard disk drives and computers as evidence that all data have been erased from the computers (IT equipment).

You can be absolutely sure that your enterprise data don’t get into the hands of third parties.

Testing, Repair and Refurbishment

As part of a complete asset management solution, TES-AMM has suitably trained personnel for the testing, repair and refurbishment of IT assets which possess no intellectual property concerns. Assets go through visual and cosmetic testing to a more intensive parts and component testing in order to achieve a marketable status. Through our global operating presence, these re-marketable assets may be sold to achieve the highest possible financial return to clients. We help our clients maximize the residual value of their equipment through a proactive asset management approach.

Deployment Service

We begin with an assessment of our client’s asset portfolio, including a current market valuation and a residual value forecast. This provides our clients with the data they need to make decisions regarding cost-optimized refreshes and upgrades. We then provide hardware configuration, deployment, maintenance and software upgrade services on-site.

Additionally, we can perform data-center decommissioning and equipment deployment including disposal. We provide on-site data sanitization, equipment shutdown, rack dismantling, de-cabling, packaging and removal.

Essentially we can be a one-stop solution to most of your ICT equipment needs.

Responsible Recycling Solution

The fall-out of clients’  from our Asset Disposal and Deployment service, reboot failure, cosmetically damage assets, etc will divert the assets or equipment into our EPLMS spectrum.

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