TES-AMM Group Was Formed In 2005 By Waste Management And Engineering Professionals To Provide Tailored Recycling Solutions For Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment(WEEE).Our Core Activities Combine State-Of-The-Art Technology With In-Depth Knowledge OF Environment And Waste Management Techniques To Provide Reuse SOlutions And End Recovery Of Precious Metals From ELectronic Wastes.

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As a professional recycler, TES-AMM recognizes the complexities of environmental legislation which customers face. We provide a comprehensive package of services beyond physical recycling of assets, including advice on legislation, environmental reporting on waste disposal and total waste management.

TES-AMM has experienced phenomenal growth in our business. We believe this to be a testimony of our ability to deliver the right solutions that addresses the needs of our ever growing client base. We are pleased to be the approved recycling vendors for most well known Information & Communication Technology and other electronic manufacturers.

TES-AMM offers synchronized waste management solutions for
  • Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Obsolete IT Assets
  • Surplus Inventories
  • Takeback Schemes
  • Service Returns
  • Leasing
  • Quality Control and Manufacturing Rejects
  • Remarketing

TES-AMM is the first in Asia to achieved certification on Responsible Recycling (R2). R2 certification programs are based on strong environmental standards which maximize reuse and recycling, minimize exposure to human health or the environment, ensure safe management of materials by downstream handlers, and require destruction of all data on used electronics.

TESAMM India (Oragadam and Bangalore site) processes are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified and have been audited and approved by many internationally recognized companies, having being regularly assessed and audited to ensure quality, environment, health and safety considerations are strictly followed.

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